The project

For eight years already, LDA has been exploring the feasibility of developing a project on six different sites, with the assistance of architects and urban planners from the Groupe Conseil en développement de l’habitation (the Groupe CDH), a Technical Resource Group (GRT) that has been in existence for 35 years. The efforts directed to these potential sites were unsuccessful, and they have therefore been abandoned.


Recently, LDA set its sights on a seventh site. At its meeting on June 10, 2019, City Council adopted a resolution supporting a new partnership project between Logis des aulniers and the Centre de bénévolat de la Rive-Sud (45 Argyle Avenue). The project would unite these two NPOs around a promising proposal for the future: the construction of a new adapted housing building that will also serve the needs of the Centre de bénévolat de la Rive-Sud. The resolution, which was adopted unanimously, accepts that the City sell the land consisting of lot  2 391 331 of the Quebec cadastre to Logis des aulniers.

Logis des aulniers is a value-added project.  This will be a social integration project for people who can no longer live independently on a site that is suited to this purpose. It appeals to the values of social solidarity and to the generosity of a community that will support its realization. It is a response to a desperate need for a portion of the city's population to be able to be able to live as integrated members of the community.

The people of Saint-Lambert are generous and sensitive to efforts of social solidarity and philanthropy. They have demonstrated this on many occasions.