Proposed siting

The way we propose using the space is in line with the ​particular needs and requirements of the targeted clientele. The building will occupy an area of 54%, with the front, back and lateral setbacks reduced to a minimum. ​

The building will be aligned with the facade of Maison Desaulniers on Webster Street, which will create a streamlined suite of buildings. The number of parking places will be limited to 14, given that the majority of LDA’s residents will not own a car.

The shape, volume, choice of exterior cladding materials and the fact that it will respect the height of the neighbouring buildings will ensure that it blends into its environment. The diagrams on this page illustrate the volumes and height of the building in relation to Maison Desaulniers.

dernière mise à jour @2020 par Logis des aulniers | Saint-Lambert | Créé avec

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