Logis des aulniers
NPO Housing 

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) face a number of obstacles that affect their quality of life. These include suitable housing, transportation and the ability to earn a living. If no options are available for them, they risk not being able to remain in their community and of being directed to alternatives that demand far greater economic and administrative resources, such as CHSLDs (long-term care facilities), at 25, 30,  40 or 50 years of age! 

That is why the non-profit organization (NPO) Logis des aulniers (LDA)  hoping to build at least 25 social and community housing units in the city of Saint-Lambert. These units would be designed for people with reduced mobility—due to a degenerative disease such as MS—and their caregivers. Given the needs of this clientele, the ideal location for this project would be in the heart of the “Village.”

To sum up, Logis des aulniers (LDA) would like to acquire a piece of land or a building close to local services so that it could build or adapt an existing building to house a minimum of 25 people, with the support of the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ), the Longueuil Agglomeration, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the City of Saint-Lambert, among others.

These social and community housing units will be adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. Being able to live in the downtown area of a municipality greatly benefits their quality of life as it gives them access to a variety of local services.

Our goal is for this social economy project to enrich our community and be an achievement that will instil a sense of pride.


Whatever site our NPO may acquire, the location must be in the heart of the "Village" to meet the needs of this clientele.