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The project will help counter the urban sprawl of recent decades and respond to the need for affordable housing by the citizens of Saint-Lambert, as was identified in a survey conducted in 2012 among members of the Montérégie chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada as well as in the data collected during the annual inscriptions of the Association d’information en logements et immeubles adaptés.

Logis des aulniers (LDA) provides another “community facility” for citizens with reduced mobility close to the town centre and its shops and services, clearly a benefit for anyone coping with the challenges of reduced mobility.

LDA will build and maintain a refined building, which will be designed by architects who are mindful of both its harmonious integration into the neighbourhood and its architectural quality.​

The project will contribute to the revitalization of downtown Saint-Lambert, with the addition of 50 households, who will be year-round consumers in the municipality.

This is an innovative project that supports sustainable development. The building will be Novoclimat-certified, as required by the Société d’habitation du Québec.

The project is financially sound and offers firm guarantees for its realization, disassociated from market uncertainties like some building projects in the city that are on hold. Logis des aulniers will pay municipal taxes for the land and the approximately 50-unit building.

This “community facility” represents an extraordinary addition to the heritage of our collectivity. By concentrating people who consume care services in one building, the project will contribute to reducing the cost of travel and services. 


​From a strategic standpoint, the City’s support for LDA clearly demonstrates its political commitment to implementing three of its key policies, namely the Sustainable development planFamily policy and Action plan concerning people with disabilities

Saint-Lambert is committed to placing sustainability and the fight against climate change at the core of its planning and development actions within the municipality. The City’s Sustainable Development Vision will therefore guide and influence any future documents that have an impact on the development of the city.


This Vision was shaped through a consultation process that solicited than 500 people, and mobilized youth, families, merchants, the city's strategic partners, city managers and members of City Council.


Among other things, it will help to orient the upcoming revision of Saint-Lambert’s urban development plan and urban planning by-laws.

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